Restoration and stone sculpture work

Bc.A Petr Vojáček

I graduated at the restoration school in IRKT in Litomyšl, Czech republic in the specialization of stone works (license to restore stone, artificial stone, sculptures).

I am doing:

  1. Restoration work in the following fields: artistic sculptural figural works in stone, artistic handicrafts and their parts in stone and stucco (including stucco ornaments and decorations for facades and interiors).
  2. Stone sculpture work – production of copies and faximiles of sculptures and reconstructions of parts of architecture or architectural units – facades, etc.
  3. Transfers of sculptures and parts of architecture.
  4. Restoration surveys, expert opinions and projects, including laboratory analyzes and their evaluation.
  5. Restoration reports supplemented by the regime of the monument, including photographic documentation.

Expertise and qualifications to carry out the above work on cultural monuments of the Czech Republic are guaranteed by university education in the field and permits granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, No. 4462/2005 and 10169/2010.

Work on cultural monuments is carried out in accordance with the Act on Monument Care No. 20/1987 Coll. and its subsequent amendments as amended.

I cooperate with colleagues:

Jan Tomíček – stucco, artificial marble
Miroslav Fajmon – stone
Jan Knor Academic painter – restoration of paintings, wooden polychrome sculptures and sgraffito
Petr Koudelka – stone restoration
Petr Navrátil – pottery and restorer

References and practices in photographs at the link here (description in Czech): Photogallery.


Bc.A Petr Vojáček

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phone: +420 736 691 399

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DIČ: CZ7501254728

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